Josh’s Story (2016)

In 2013, I was at risk of being homeless and as a last resort my family doctor referred me to ICH. I was severely depressed and anxious. I had frequent crying spells. My relationship with my father was strained; I was not able to maintain a job or housing. So I moved into a private room at ICH and things started to change. Being in a clean environment, helped me to deal with my issues rather than bury them with drugs or alcohol. I was using for about 15 yrs on and off. Later on, God helped me to quit smoking cigarettes and video game addiction. I was playing with video games for about 10 hrs a day. After entrance to ICH, I started to attend church regularly and participate with group sessions at ICH. I was invited to worship with the team at a local church and this gave me a sense of belonging. At ICH, I learned to budget my money, accept responsibility and set my priorities in order. I am now employed and I receive a disability pension. This enables me to pay for my food and room independently, give to my church, sponsor a child in a poor country and I have savings. God is so good and He provided for me when I accepted His help. I’ve moved on and God has given me a room with a Christian family near my church. Thank you God!  

John’s Story

“Before I moved to the Christian home in Cambridge, I lived with about 20 people in a government run home and shared my bedroom. I was always waiting in line for my cigarettes and medication which were locked up. I felt like a vegetable. Everything was done for us, meals were prepared with no options. Forms were filled out for me. I didn’t even know how to ask for a bus pass. It was too expensive. I had $132/month left over and had to pay for my bus pass from that. Suddenly something changed. My mother was praying for a Christian home for thirty years and a vacancy came up so I moved in. The home is quiet and I got my own private room. It’s a better deal because I had $400 left over and this makes life more enjoyable.

Life skills
At ICH I started to believe that I can do the things that I like. I prayed for supernatural wisdom and God helped me to concentrate so that I could get back into art with pencil and pen. I learned how to organize myself, do my laundry, clean, cook, attend doctors’ appointments, and use a cell phone.

At ICH, I gained confidence to pray and read my Bible to the group. I stayed away from church for 24 years because someone told me that I couldn’t smoke as a Christian. But now I go to Cornerstone church and people are kind and give me gifts even though I don’t know why. That’s never happened before. I pray a lot for the persecuted church in other countries. On a monthly basis, I sponsor poor children in Sri Lanka because they don’t have anything.

Moving On
Now, I’m thankful to God to be moving on after 4 years on a waiting list for subsidized housing. After all these years, I never thought I would have my own bachelor’s apartment.