Josh’s Story

My doctor referred me to Intermediate Christian Home (ICH) when I had nowhere else to go. I was severely depressed, anxious and had frequent crying spells. My relationship with my father was strained and I lost my mother to cancer at age 17. I was unable to maintain a job or housing. Things changed. Thanks to God! Being in a clean environment, helped me to deal with my issues rather than bury them with drugs or alcohol. I was using drugs for about 15 yrs on and off. God strengthened me at ICH. I overcame drugs, smoking and video game addiction which was a 10 hr a day past-time.In this home, I learned to budget money, cook and accept responsibility. I am now employed  as a cook in a restaurant and I sponsor a child in a poor country. In 2016, I moved to a family home near a great church and joined the worship team. I still attend sessions at ICH and I help them out. God provided for me when I accepted His help! I am very thankful and I share my story often in order to help others.

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